Other Country Ensemble

  • Black Dog Lowertown (map)
  • 308 East Prince Street
  • Saint Paul, MN, 55101
  • United States


There is country music  --  
and then there is 'other country' music.  


On the fourth Monday of each month,
'Other Country Ensemble' takes you on musical explorations,
playing country music from various regions around the world,
and upon occasion, from other planets.  

Unique collaborations every month,
with infusions of world and improv jazz.



This month...  


Mark Black- Percussion

Steve Clarke - Flutes/ Saxophones

Greg Herriges - Bouzouki

Scott Nieman - Bouzouki(s)

Louis 'Rundio' Sinclair - Chapman Stick

Stephen Spaise - Percussion

David Stenshoel - Violin, Sax                 

 Laurie Knutson - Flutes, Clarinet, Saxophone


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