• Black Dog Cafe (map)
  • 308 East Prince Street
  • Saint Paul, MN, 55101
  • United States
 Forging music for the soul. 

 Forging music for the soul. 

The Blacksmith’s Daughters are forging music for the soul. Recently formed in 2015, the band was tempered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This sister folk/pop band delivers music with a message. Soaring melodies, intense harmonies and intertwined guitar and ukulele progress the storyline in every song.
Like the elements themselves each song they smith is unique therefore The Blacksmith’s Daughters use a variety of instruments and change up the musicians to create their individual sound. The four pillars of the band are the two sisters, Annella Platta and Julida Alter, and their iron clad musicians (and husbands), Brent Platta and Sean Alter. 

Two other regulars in the band are Jeremy Swider on violin and Krista Swider on viola. Jeremy and Krista teach private violin and viola lessons and also perform in the ensemble Sonorous Strings
If you are curious to learn more about the initial inspiration for the band’s name check out the family business at Boleslaw Kochanowski Wrought Iron.