Machinery Hill will start off the night at 7pm, and the trio will hit it about 9:30.

Nick Salisbury is one of the "Stakes" in Jeff Ray and the Stakes.

Musicians from the Midwest have a knack for reinventing tradition. Jeff Ray is no exception. Go to any one of his
performances and you’ll hear his fans say the same thing, “his music sounds old and new at the same time”.
Born and raised in Minnesota, Ray left home at the age of 17 to cut his teeth in Memphis. It was through those
travels that he developed his unmistakable “East-meets-West” Bluesy Americana sound.
Watch closely and you’ll see Jeff Ray’s thumb keep the bass note thumping while he glides a glass slide seamlessly
across the fret board. At the same time, his foot drives a heavy backbeat on a homemade portable front porch .

Hurricane Harold Tremblay:

Founding member of Cool Disposition with players who have backed up the best- Mojo Buford, Baby Doo Caston, John lee Hooker, Sonny Rodgers and many of the touring greats. Cool Disposition competed at the 2007 International Blues Challenge in Memphis . I currently have several projects going. Competed in the International Blues Challenge Feb 2011 in the Solo Duo category with Jeff Ray. Also have a gathering of blues musicians for gigs called "Hurricane Harold's All Star Blues Revue" featuring some of the best blues musicians in the Twin Cities. And there's the "Gang of Mischief" an "event" of acoustic blues players, mixing the young with the experienced. I also have a Blues /Roots Radio show at ..KFAI Radio .. in Minneapolis, Mn. 90.3/106.7 fm ..WWW.KFAI.ORG .. (live streaming and archived shows). "House Party" airs Wednesdays from 4-6pm Central time. I play the masters as well as focusing on new releases from contemporary players.

Nick Salisbury:

The Bass player to the best in all genres in the Twin Cities. He's a much sought after player due to his vast knowledge of many musical genres, from Blues and R&B to rock to soul to folk and beyond. Add the yet to be patented foot shaker shoes for rhythm and he's the complete rhythm package.

Machinery Hill:

This Minneapolis-based band takes their name from the Minnesota State Fair’s large display of farm equipment. Their original style blends American folk with unexpected touches of ska, klezmer, celtic and a bit of rock & roll. If you look up “diverse” in the dictionary, it says “see Machinery Hill.” Catchy original songs with well-crafted lyrics are showcased along with striking interpretations of traditional tunes. They have performed along with such diverse acts as Beausoleil, Buckwheat Zydeco, Frente, Phish, Black 47, Brave Combo, Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black and Queen Ida; and have headlined at The Great River Folk Festival, among others. Machinery Hill is the 1996 winner of the Minnesota Music award for best world beat CD, the 1999 MMA winner for specialist recording and has been included in TPT’s series MN. Original (episode #226).